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Our objective is to re-establish scientific procedures in Hinduism. We aim to benefit people from ancient wisdom and understand its scientific basis in a lucid way.

About Hinduism

First thing anybody interested in Hinduism should know that Hinduism is not a religion. Infact, Hinduism is exactly opposite to any religion. A Religion is something started by some person from some point of time. He knows when it started and who started it. It tells us about what to in certain situations and how to live our lives.

Hinduism which epics to Dharma is actually opposite to any religion . But Hinduism which happens to be Dharma is exactly opposite to any religion. A Dharma has defined as “Dharti Iti Dharma” –whatever should be done is Dharma . “Jo kuch bhi dhararn karne yogya hai ya apnane yogya hai”- whatever has to be accepted is Dharma.

In any given situation, a religion will tell us what has to be done but Hinduism or Dharma says whatever is best, has to be done. So, this is evolving or this is like artificial intelligence, it changes with time. It is not like whatever was good to be done 2000, 5000 or 10000 years back still holds good, no, in present times whatever is fact should be done, that is what Dharma says.

To make the right decisions what has to be done in different situations, In Hinduism, it has been told that there are 10 characteristics of Dharma. So whatever decision/act that holds good on these 10 characteristics qualifies as Dharma.

Dhriti  Kshama damo-asteyam

Shoucham indriyanigrah,

Dhee vidya satyam akrodho

Daksham sharnalakshnam.

These 10 characteristics are:-

Dhriti(patience), Kshama(forgiveness), Dhama(self-control), Asteya(non-stealing), Shaoca(cleanliness), Indriyanigrah(control over organs), Dhii(benevolent intellect), Vidya(spiritual knowledge), satyam(benevolent truthfulness), akrodha(non-anger)

Because Hinduism is a Dharma and has been evolving, nobody started it, so, this is like evolution. This is scientific and based on all the scientific facts. Because in evolution, whatever is not scientific automatically omits… as Darwin wood says.

Now whatever remains in Hinduism or Sanatan Dharma is only and only science which has prevailed thousand years of evolution.

Unfortunately, most of the people who discuss about Dharma or Hinduism or practice rituals related to Hinduism are not good either in Hinduism or in science. They do not know anything about Hinduism or science, both. We see a lot of people making comments on science as well as Hinduism

Even famous scientists like Edison and Newton believes in  god, spirituality, Dharma, religion etc  . Fortunately ,now science is rediscovering all the rituals of Hinduism.

Recently, we read an article from some Russian scientist that it had done the research that we can even change the DNA of a person or any being through waves that includes sound waves. Through proper sound waves, one can change the DNA of any being. That means during different mantras , one can change the DNA, the thinking pattern and once one change the thinking pattern then we can change the actions and then results.