akhand ramayan paath


Ramayan path :

Ramayana Path brings most beneficial results in personal and professional life.

Ramayan Paath is the greatest epic.


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The benefits of Akhand Ramayana are innumerable but few of them are:
* It provides Peace, Prosperity & Happiness in the family.
* It is considered auspicious for beginning of any new venture like starting of        Business,  Entering a New House (Grah Pravesh), Birth of a Child, Marriage Ceremony, etc.
*It prevents any unexpected harm and danger especially related to Health.
*It creates a very pious and divine atmosphere at a place.

Ramayana is the original scripture enumerating the wishes of Lord Rama written by Maharishi Valmiki. Chanting the mantras of Ramayana propitiates all planets and is highly benefitial to listen on the Birthday of Lord Rama i.e. Ram Navami.
A good time to do this pooja is Ram Navmi which is considered as the day of birth of Lord Rama.