naag panchmi


Naag Panchmi :

Suffering from any kind of Kalsarp dosha??

contact immediately to get maximum benefit of conducting nag devta pooja on this special day dedicated to nag raja to receive his bountiful blessings.

*It mitigates the negative effects of kaal sarp dosha in horoscope.

*To nullify Nisantan yog for childless couples.

*Gain from ancestral property.

*Removes fear of snakes.

*To unearth and obtain hidden treasures.

*To eradicate vastu dosha Helps in removing hormonal disturbances of human body.


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Astrolgical aspect:

When all the planets come in between the axis of Rahu and Ketu in ones horoscope kaal sarp yog in formed. People having Kalsarp dosh in their horoscope face lot many hardships and obstacles to achieve their name, fame and rise in thier respective carreer fields and all kinds of troubles in family life. Even the best efforts produces no result or effect and overall growth is stalled. Nag panchami tantric puja helps to overcome the negativities and obstacles due to presence of kaalsarp dosha.