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Lord Shiva pooja for parents’ :

It is believed that lord shiva is the father of whole universe. While, his wife “mata parvathi” is considered the mother of whole universe. So they are considered as the universal parents.

• This puja is essential to remove health related issues, especially done your  parents.
• To get rid of Kul devi devta Dosh and attain blessings of the nine planets.
• To attain prosperity, success and peace in the family
• The chanting of mantras removes your effects of past deeds and strengthens you to live a brighter and better life ahead.

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Lord Shiva provides us with the realization of detaching to the temporary materialistic objects and paying attention to the eternal permanent Brahman through deep meditation and adoring him. Lord Shiva puja bestows you with the intellect to get out of Kama, Krodha, Moha, Mada and Lobha and attain salvation.

Lord Shiva is the supreme master who always showers his auspicious blessings upon his devotees to get rid of all their problems.