krishna ji


krishna Pooja :

By offering this Pooja, one can get the blessings for happy and prosperous life.


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In Hinduism, concept of many divine Deities and Hindus perform many auspicious pujas and rituals to get their holy blessings into their life. Krishna puja is one of the important Hindu puja which is executed to adore popular Hindu lord Krishna which is divine incarnation of Hindu lord Vishnu. Lord Vishnu is one of the chief Hindu God who belongs to the popular Hindu God Trinity and therefore all his incarnations have special importance in Hinduism.

Lord Krishna is divine eighth incarnation of Lord Vishnu and therefore devotees perform Krishna puja to worship lord Vishnu in his Krishna Avatar and get his blessings for happy and prosperous life. Among all incarnations of Lord Vishnu, Lord Krishna and Lord Ram are most powerful and popular human incarnations who are worshiped by majority of Hindus all across the world.