Janamashtmi Pooja :

The main significance of this festival or pooja lies in encouraging the goodwill and discouraging the bad will.

Krishna Janamashtmi is also celebrated for the togetherness. This holy festival brings all the people together. Hence Krishna Ashtami symbolises faith and unity.

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Janmashtami pooja is the one of the most well known pooja of India. The whole nation celebrates the divine birth of Lord Krishna on this day. All of us wish ‘Shubh Janmashtami’ to each other and happy birthday to Bal Gopal or child Krishna. The day, indeed, commemorates the auspicious birth of ‘Murlimanohar’ (name of Lord Krishna as he loved to play flute) on the earth in order to destroy evil things. According to the Hindu mythology, Lord Krishna was born at midnight. Hence, the birth ceremony is also celebrated with great zest and enthusiasm at midnight. Besides other Indian festivals, one of the most divine and pious is Janmashtami pooja. It is celebrated with lots of traditions and customs of the Hindu society. Besides, there are sweets, delectable cuisine, feasting and family gathering. The procession of ‘jhankis’ is the main attraction of the day. People perform grand janmashtami pooja with different janmashtami pooja items. They do janmashtami arti and sing varied janmashtami bhajans. There are many people who observe fast on this day and eat at midnight only after the janmashtami pooja is over.


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