hanuman bahuk


hanuman bahuk paath for disease :

Are you or anyone in your family suffering from some prolonged illness?

Hanuman Bahuk paath is the solution to all your miseries. It is believed that chanting Hanuman Bahuk helps in curing various body pains, diseases, psychological problems, fear of ghosts etc. It is also chanted by those people who believe that their enemies are doing black magic against them.

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Hanuman Bhauk is an important prayer dedicated to Hanuman and was written by Goswami Tulsidas. It is believed that Tulsidasji wrote to prayer to cure his shoulder pain. Once, Tulsidas had an excruciating pain in one of his shoulders. He then composed a poem extolling the glory and greatness of Hanuman. He also asked Hanumanji to cure his body ailments. Miraculously Tulsidas had relief from the pain.

Hanuman being the deep worshipper of Lord Rama is known for his selfless love, wisdom, truthfulness and loyalty towards God. Thus, he is known for his wisdom and strength. So as the devotees worship Lord Hanuman, they are bestowed with blessings of getting rid of obstacles. Vedic brahmins recite the 44 verses of Hanuman Bahuk Path and it helps them to lead a safe and healthy life by removing all the pains and diseases. Chanting of this path also removes psychological problems and fear of ghosts.