Garudpuran path pooja :

Give a peaceful send-off to your loved one while their soul is on the way to heaven by conducting Garudpuran pooja.

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Garuda Purana is in the form of instructions by Lord Maha Vishnu to Sri Garuda (The King of Birds – a vahana of Lord Vishnu). The Garuda Purana has nineteen thousand shlokas. It deals with life after death.

It is generally read while from 4th day of the death till the 11th day, in the evening time. On the 12th day final ceremonies are performed. It describes the path of a soul after death and provides Sadgati (Proper Path) and Moksha to our Ancestors, Fulfills the wishes, Grants happiness of both this Loka (Earth) and Parloka (Heavenly abodes).

It is said that after death if family members recite Garud puran daily for 9 days for the departed soul to go to heaven and gets its salvation from the life chakra. Garud puran is considered to be dictated by Lord himself and is considered among the most pious Hindu scriptures. Only learned Brahmins can recite Garud Puran.