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Bhoomi Puja :

Bhoomi pujan is organised before starting an new business or buying home or land.

Whenever we undertake new construction, we should seek the blessings by doing proper puja and offerings so that our efforts are covered with success.

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Significance of bhoomi pujan:

The bhoomi pujan ceremony is conducted in strict conformance to vastu shastra. By performing this puja, one can appease the positive energies and natural elements surrounding the site. A correct time is chosen in accordance to vaastu muhurut, the time when vaastu purush is in its full strength.

For bhoomi pujan, a 64 part diagram is drawn in the north east part of the site, denoting vaastu purush using the seeds and coloured powder. Each part is associated with the concern deities and chants and offerings are made to all of them. A pit is dug nearby it and the first brick is laid down. An effigy of vaastu purush made of straw is burnt to kill the negative energy and evil spirits. The whole ceremony is to be done in morning as it is the most auspicious time for bhoomi pujan.